Journey to the East

Abandoning the Priory (18th October 4711)

18th October 4711

As the wagons rolled back down the trail through the forest, Ailukka peered out of the back at the retreating shape of the ancient Priory. It housed only the dead now, and some of them perhaps, were not resting.

The bodies of Tomas and Ruan they had burned on a funeral pyre, with Ragnar giving such rites as he was able, assisted by Koya. The doors to the catacombs below they had firmly locked, as they had every other door they could find.

They had been able to restock their food supplies, and Ragnar had retreived what he had regarded as the most precious tomes, to be handed over to any Temple in Kalsgard or Jol they might find. She was mildly amused by the fact that Sandru and the twins had also managed to quietly liberate a few other tomes and items without Ragnars knowledge,for resale and to ‘defray expenses’.

The missing icons they had found in the small iron bound chest in Ythel’s chamber deep in the undercroft caverns. Clearly Ruan and Ythel had been linked-probably by the strange sect they had both belonged too. Ythel’s actions smacked of some festering act of retribution. She shook her head- turning to the Goddess of Undeath as a means for such a revenge was neither something she understood nor wanted too.

It was getting colder now, and a cold mountain mist had started to descend. Even as she watched, it seemed to Ailukka that the ancient Priory was soon masked and hidden, as though perhaps it had never existed at all.



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