Journey to the East

Back at the Churchyard

7th October 4711: 5.40 am

Spivey sighed and motioned for the group to gather round. Her lilting voice chanting prayers to Desna the group were surprised to find that their wounds were rapidly healed. Rasha especially seemed somewhat surprised.

Ragnar gave a brief description of their adventures, and the description of the shrine. In aside room they had discovered several items, and Ailukka displayed a silver symbol of a winged demon she had found on the priest. Spivey wrinkled her nose.

“Is very bad” she said. “Pazuzu- a Demon. And they have desecrated the shrine of Desna to worship him?”

“We should go back while Ailukka’s spells last” said Dinald. “If we go back to the Caravan they’ll only regroup”. Ragnar concurred. Ailukka shrugged. They headed back to the castle, leaving some of their loot hidden in the crypt of the cemetary-this time with Spivey agreeing to come with them.



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