Journey to the East

Into the Nolands (20th October 4711)

20th October 4711

" I bet you three are glad to be home eh?" asked Dinald, deciding that he needed to improve his standing somewhat with these aloof and dour Northerners. Ragnar, Ailukka and Kelda gazed at him levelly across the campfire.

“This…place…is not my home” sniffed Ailukka. “My home is the Hagreach, far to the north and east of here.”

Ragnar folded his arms.“And my home is the Icemark, far to the north and west. I am no… Southerner.” There was an uncomfortable silence.

“You do not know of what you speak Dinald”, explained Kelda. “These lands are in the Southmoor. These barren lands”, here she gestured outside the circle towards the bleak landscape of howling winds, broken hills, stony gullies, and scant vegetation, " are called the Nolands. It is here that the Nidderlings- exiles and other criminals, gather. Those sent to the Nolands are either killed or inducted into one of the area’s tribes. These are little more than violent gangs who kill travelers, animals, and other Nolanders to survive. Some of these feast on the flesh of their victims. None of us are from these lands-it is an insult to say so, and only your simple mindedness excuses you."

“But what of our destination Jol?” asked Ameiko. “This is a safe place yes?”

“Safe? I suppose so” continued Kelda. “Though I am from Kalsgard and will find scant welcome there. The folk of Southmoor have long been jealous of more prosperous lands, and their King Opir Eightfingers, is a bitter foe of Sveinn Blood Eagle of Kalsgaard.”

“Oh? Why so?” asked Reynald.

“A fair question, but I know not.” answered Kelda. " I do know that Sveinn is a genuine Linnorm King: a Linnorm was slain by his own hands to win his crown. But there are many rumours regarding Opir: some say that the Linnorm Head Opir presented was badly decayed, and that he had probably come across it by chance. This should not be said too loudly in Jol though, as he has challenged and killed several who dared voice it."


Ok at Jol you can probably sell any unwanted crap for cash: check list to make sure you don’t want to give anything to npcs.

I have assigned a few potions found etc, also a few items logically: magical bracers to Ailkukka and Ragnar, and a Masterwork Buckler to Dinald.


Neato. Rasha’ll take some more arrows and a healing potion or two, as they become available.

Thanks again, Steve. Great writeups, as I mentioned before. I know we’re not scheduled for much Pathfinder in the near future, but I hope we return to JttE sooner, rather than later!


Second Ian’s thoughts. JttE has been great.


Ha HA ! Masterwork Buckler means Dinald will not be hampered while fighting with his deadly thin blade! Then he will be able to win over the hearts of the three northerners with his fighting prowess. Hmmm. Although he doesn’t know exactly what it is,a Linorm sounds like something he could take on with his rapier. If two old fat kings could do it so can this flighty Bard!

Good game Steve. You set the mood well. I hated that dank, murky place.


Thanks. Feel free to post next moves etc but to avoid distraction, I won’t be updating this now until just prior to when we are due to play again. If you want to ask questions etc in interim pm me.


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