Journey to the East

Second Time Lucky

6th October 4711; Evening

Reynald’s mood had improved only slightly by the time they returned to camp: a bemused Spivey had healed his wounds with a gesture, and by some magicks had stopped the burning in his arm. He fealt somewhat better, but still cold, oderous and miserable.

As the others related their tale he stripped down and poured water over himself, before drying off and changing into spare cloths. Sandru seemed somewhat interested in the report of ‘Bird Things’.

“That’s odd”, he said. “Before we left I did a little background reading on Brinewall. When they were excavating to build it they had a lot of trouble with creatures they called Dire Corbies- ‘like a humanoid crow with oily black feathers, glittering eyes, and a sharp beak’. There was an old woodcut illustration in the book. Very strange.”

“When excavating? From underground then?” asked Reynald.

“Most probably; it would seem they’ve returned anyway.” replied Sandru.

The group discussed their options; it was decided that Ungo, Reynald and Rasha would return to scout that evening, while Ailukka rested to recover her spells. If all proved well they would all then return to the castle very early the following morning- hopefully before the inhabitants had arisen.

It was two hours later when the three stood beneath the western side of the looming castle walls. They has seen that he gates were locked, although there was some indication of red torchlight behind. Having circled the outside of the walls they had ascertained that a couple of guards were patrolling the walls, although they could not see them directly.

Reynald chose his moment, and when the guard had passed he stood on Rasha’s shoulders, and then like a cat, aimed by his magic ring, he managed to pick his way quietly up the decaying stonework.

Slipping over and crouching he could see a courtyard below, and a main keep in the northeastern corner. Several small turrets dotted the perimeter, and over the gatehouse he could see a strange humanoid, birdlike figure, briefly illuminated by the flickering red light of a torch. Off to his left another such figure was currently walking away from him doing its rounds. He made a mental note of what he could see. Before the patrolling figure could return he slipped back over the wall, and the group returned to camp to catch a few hours sleep.



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