Journey to the East

The Kaijitsu Star. (4th September 4711)

4th September 4711

With empty stomachs they awoke the next morning after a restless night.

“Let’s do this quick” said Ungo, “and then head back tae Sandpoint to dump these goblin ears and resupply- and eat!”

Although the first marked ship seemed quite close on the map, the reality of negotiating the marsh soon shattered this illusion. Picking the way between treacherous pools, mudholes on narrow patches of secure ground took the best part of a morning, but eventually Rasha found an old goblin campsite.

“Very old” he said, “Several weeks maybe. Still it does mean they came here.”

The group searched around the area, and eventually spotted the skeleton of a small two-masted ship lying mired in the mud in a clearing,its rigging thick with moss and decorated with old lanterns and windchimes made from goblin skulls and bones. Strange writing was faintly visible along the ship’s prow,while the soggy, swampy “yard” that surrounded the wreck was encircled by a rickety wooden fence: it did look that something-or someone, once lived here.

Near the prow of the old ship could still be discerned a name- ‘Kaijitsu Star.’

“Kaijitsu! Kaijitsu? That’s Ameiko’s family!” exclaimed Dinald, his eyes glazing over slightly.

“Who are these people?” asked Ragnar.

“Ameiko is the Tiannese owner of the Rusty Dragon” said Ailukka. " You saw her the other night when we all met."

“Not only that” said Reynald, “She’s one of the richest people in Sandpoint.”

“And probably the most beautiful woman” said Dinald. " Don’t forget that!"

“Her family” continued Reynald, “are the Kaijitsu’s, -one of the four founding families of Sandpoint from when it was set up about 50 years ago. They own the Glassworks, and produce fine jewellry. Nobles. Very Rich.” He smacked his lips.

“This news may be worth something then.” said Ragnar.

The ship itself contained the rotting corpse of a large dog and and an even larger goblin. It had the hallmarks of a den, which had been overturned in violent fighting. It also appeared to have been looted.

Somewhat dissappointed the group made their way back out of the Marsh, and headed north along the coast to Sandpoint, which they reached late in the afternoon. Splitting up to collect their bounty and undetake various tasks, they agreed to meet at the Dragon around six.

“I hear your friends softened up a goblin sufficently for you to finish it off Dinald” said Ameiko levelly as Dinald swaggered into the bar. Ailukka was leaning next to her and the two giggled as Dinald reddened. Ragnar and the others laughed loudly at his expense.

When they told her the story of the Kaijitsu Star she was interested, but puzzled.

“Hmm no, it doesn’t ring any bells with me. If it’s an old ship it might well be before my time. But I am intrigued.” said Ameiko. “Tell you what, I will check with some of the older family servants this evening- one of them is bound to know something, or I can get them to dig out our old business records. If you come round here in the morning I’ll let you know what I find out.” And so it was agreed.


While everyone ponders the importance of the map, Dinald, bolstered by his masterful skewering of a goblin in the most recent fracas, has gone back to the main fire pit. He remembered that 4 or 5 goblin skulls were lying in the bottom of the carnal ashes.

“10 gold for every dead goblin.” He tries to build up his courage as he tightens the bandages around his multiple wounds. Then with one last look around, he jumps in. The work of pulling the heads off of burnt bodies is not what one would call heroic, but with time a more filthy and richer Dinald crawls out of the pit with a bundle of evilly grinning stumpie skulls.

“Wow, this will net me about…” He quickly calculates in his mind. “ about 37 gold!!”


“You must think I’m a fucking idiot” says the Sheriff. “Graverobbing old skulls doesn’t count.”


Does anyone have any objection to selling off all of the unassigned items and converting all our loot into GP which we then split evenly between the seven of us?


No objections to that idea here. FYI I’m still computerless this weekend so I’ll be out ubtil the following Sunday.



If you choose to do that they sell for 1675 gp (Fireworks at full value, other stuff half value). Which makes an extra say 240 gp each. Let me know if you agree to do this.

It will get confusing re. cash if I am updating sheets and you are yourselves. We need to agree either you do it or I do- but you all need to be consistant .

If choose to do it yourselves (which is more logical) I will list it on loot wiki but it will be up to you to adjust sheets: tant. All sheets are currently up to date cash wise barring this possible 240 gp.

See stuff to spend it on in threads/

Some of you might choose to invest in a masterwork weapon (say 320 gp ). A couiple of you might want masterwork studded leather armor (no skill penalty but 3 AC-1 higher than you currently have with leather) for 175 gp, or a masterwork small shield for 155 gp (no armor check penalty, and hence for Reynald and Dinald no -1 penalty to attack either-raising your attack to +5).


of course Rasha needs 600 go to fix Whispering Shrike…


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