Journey to the East

The Spider Farm

18th September 4711

Early next morning the caravan made its way north through a light drizzle, following the ancient caravan trail northwards towards Riddlepoint and then beyond to the Lands of the Linnorm Kings.

“The trail isn’t that heavily used by the serious traders anymore” explained Sandru, “as most of the large scale trade is now by ship. But a few smaller caravans like ours still make the trip a couple of times a year.”

He had been interested at the talk of the Spider Farm, and decided that it was worth a day- long detour to see if they could procure any silk. They might easily be able to trade some of this at a profit.

The trail was now bounded by sizeable woods on the eastern side, while on the western side lay the dark expanse of the Churlwood, stretching all the way westwards to the Fogscar Mountains. Sandru explained tha the forest road was quite dangerous, as the area was notorious for banditry. The Shoanti Shriikirri-Quah tribe considered the eastern edges of the forest to be part of their domain, and warned that the group should be careful not to get on their wrong side.

Eventually they found the side track, marked with a stone engraved with a simple spider along the trail. The wagons set out along it, moving into denser woodland, and as the afternoon progressed it looked like they might have to make camp.

“Oh it doesn’t really matter we have plenty of supplies” said Sandru. “We’ll make camp at a secure spot and visit the farm tomorrow. I’m not travelling in pitch darkness through this forest.”

And so the camp was made, and lookouts posted. At least sheltered somewhat from the intermittant rain, the group huddles round the central fire, as the sentries glanced nervously out into the darkness.



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