weapon (melee)

More a concept than an actual weapon, C**tslicer is the current main weapon of the foul -mouthed Shoanti halfling known as Ungo Lynxfoot (probably an alias anyway). This version is a masterwork halfling -sized double headed greataxe forged from steel,forged in the Shoanti style, but obviously by an Ulfen Craftsman, judging from the serpentine decoration on the axe head. The shaft is of reinforced Darkwood, highly polished. The axe was a gift to Ungo from a Halfling Caravan the group relieved from a bandit attack. This is the fourth such axe Ungo has owned, and they have all been named C**tslicer. When the Caravan finally reached Kalsgard, Raine enchanted C**tslicer for Ungo (at a sizable discount) at his Brother’s workshop.

When he started out on his career Ungo used a simple greatclub, which was called, somewhat imaginatively, ‘C**tmasher’. For one brief moment he did consider buying a spear but even he fealt that ‘C**tp***ker’ stepped beyond the bounds of good taste.

C**tslicer: Small Magical Greataxe +1 to hit// 1d10 +1 damage



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