Ring of the Ram


This ring was found as an offering on an alter dedicated to Pazuzu, deep under Brinewall Castle.

The wearer can command the ring to push with a ram- like force dealing 1-3d6 damage, depending on the charges expended. This would be a ranged touch attack with 50’ range and no distance penalties.

Anyone struck is subject to a Bull Rush as if within 30’ of the wearer, at STR 25 and hence a CMB of +17. 2 charges adds another +1, 3 charges another +2.

It can also smash open doors at STR 25 (1 charge), STR 27 (2 chargers) or STR 29 (3 charges).

The ring has a capacity of 50, but currently only has 4 charges. A Wizard in a major population centre could add more charges at 175 gp // charge. If it is ever emptied it can never be recharged.

Ring of the Ram

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