Sorcerer's Robe


This light robe enables a sorcerer to add the effects of her 1st-level bloodline power to spells she casts. As a swift action before casting a spell, the wearer expends one use of her 1st-level bloodline power and selects one target of the spell to be affected by that bloodline power. If the spell allows a saving throw, a successful save against the spell means the bloodline power deals half damage (if it normally deals hit point damage) or is negated (if it does not). The robe can be used up to three times per day.

Ailukka purchased the robe in Kalsgard, and generally uses it to add extra frost damage to her magic missile spells.

Depending on the Bloodline of the wearer, the coloration of the robes changes over 24 hours to a colour it deems ‘matching’ the appropriate bloodline (white/ light grey in Ailukka’s case).

Wt: 1 lb

Sorcerer's Robe

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