NPC Relationships

A relationship with an NPC can be friendly or competitive—you get to choose which kind you wish to pursue. Some in-game events can spontaneously change a relationship from friendly to competitive, or vice versa—if you want to deliberately change a relationship from friendly to competitive on your own, you can do so by reducing your Relationship Score by half.

For each of the four NPCs choose whether your relationship is FRIENDLY (+) or COMPETITIVE (-). You have a score as follows:

Ailukka: Ameiko 14+, Sandru 5-, Koya 6-, Shaleelu 4-

Dinald: Ameiko 6-, Sandru 3-, Koya 11+, Shaleelu 2-

Ragnar: Ameiko 4+, Sandru 78+, Koya 4-, Shaleelu 1-

Rasha: Ameiko 3-, Sandru 4+, Koya 6+, Shaleelu 0

Reynald: Ameiko 3, Sandru 2, Koya 9, Shaleelu 0

Ungo: Ameiko 2, Sandru -2, Koya 1 , Shaleelu 5

ADD + or – symbols to indicate whether your relationship is positive or negative. High scores in relationships can give specific relationship/ enmity bonus. Gifts or specific tasks can modify your score. EACH LEVEL YOU MAY ADD 1 TO ONE RELATIONSHIP.

Relationship Score Relationship Level:

5 or less Association
6–11 Friendship/Competition
12–30 Fellowship/Rivalry
31 or more Devotion/Enmity
Association: You and the NPC know each other,

NPC Relationships

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