Journey to the East

A Few Things made Clear (18th November 4711)

18th November 4711

Uksahkka had been roughed up slightly, but was was otherwise none the worse for wear. She had overheard her captors speaking of transferring her to a place called Ravenscraeg, where Ulf Gormundr was also apparently being held.

The ledgers also proved interesting. There were many mundane business documents and financial records of the guild. These showed that a ship called the Aril’s Hammer had been rented to Asvig Longthews on the night of the attack at Skalsbridge, and also that he was contracted by the guild to “acquire a Tian antique” from a specific address recognizable as that of Fynn Snaevald’s house.

More importantly, the record showed financial transactions transferring large sums of money over the last few years (as well as the aforementioned “Tian antique”) to a location called Ravenscraeg. These “development expenses” were all personally approved by Thorborg Silverskorr.

“She’s the Guildmaster” said Uksahkka.

They also saw that the Rimerunners had purchased Ravenscraeg from Snorri Stone-Eye 3 years ago, and a great deal of money had been spent refurbishing it. .

It was clear that something very mysterious was going on at Ravenscraeg, and it was entirely possible that Suishen was located there.



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