Journey to the East

Thieves in the Night (18th November 4711)

18th November 4711

Breaking and entering was a bit of a specialist trade, and between them they knew they were lacking. In addition, Ungo was now comatose with drink and had been flung into his room.

“Sandru might be just the help we need” whispered Rasha, "And slipping a note to an urchin, they sent him off with a message. Outside the ravens were still standing guard.

An hour later a quiet figure slipped into the room, but it was not Sandru. Instead it was Eiravel ; the mysterious traveller they had rescued from the Priory at Cymer. Since her recovery she had been somewhat apprehensive at their entry into Ulfen lands, and she had kept a fairly low profile amidst the wagons. More than once Rasha had spotted her having a quiet talk with Sandru, and he more than half suspected that her tale about being a harmless traveller beset by wolves was less than a fraction of the truth about her.

“Sandru sent me” said Eiravel. “He said you might need assistance in getting into somewhere.”

Rasha nodded: it made sense. Likely she was on the run from the very places they had returned too. She wore a deep hood even now.

The Rimerunner’s main office and Guildhall was easy to find; predictably it was past business hours and the doors were locked. A light was on upstairs and Ragnar clambered up quietly to peek in through one of the few open shutters. For once they had managed to sneak out without alerting the ravens.

He looked into a dormitory with three unarmored men, some lounging on beds or playing dice. An armored man stood nearby, taking a swig of something: there were night guards then.

Climbing back down he rejoined his comrades. Eiravel fiddled with a lock for a few moments, and then opened the door into a public reception area, with another door leading north into a managers office, and another into a long corridor. They waited silently in the room while Eiravel opened the lock into the managers office, and then froze as she heard heavy footsteps coming down the stairs, and then in the corridor, testing doors as they went.

Hissing to the others the door into the managers office from the corridor, and another from the reception area were opened at the same time.

The two guards were armed and well armored, but completely surprised. A hail of blows quickly downed them before they could react, and they were dragged into the reception area.

Eiravel had opened a closet in the managers office, and was staring curiously up at the ceiling.

“There’s a trapdoor” she said.

Climbing up, Ragnar realised that they had stumbled across a secure storeroom. He stood in a small room on the second floor replete with storage boxes-but no actual doorways. He helped Eiravel up and she started to open boxes and rummage.

In a side room Rasha found Uksahkka, bound and tied in what appeared to be a guest room. Shortly after Eiravel emerged down carrying a couple of bulky ledgers.

“I think what we need is in here” she said.

“Right, let’s just go. No need to bother the guards upstairs.” said Rasha.



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