Aura strong evocation; CL 20th
Slot none; Weight 6 lbs.
Alignment NG; Ego 25
Senses 60 ft., darkvision, detect Amatatsu scions, read languages
Int 12; Wis 16, Cha 13
Communication speech, telepathy
Languages Common, Tien

Powers Constant—endure elements 3/day—air walk, daylight, resist energy (cold), see invisibility

Suishen is a +2 defending flaming katana . Thenancestral blade of the Amatatsu family, Suishen is believed to contain the soul of the first Amatatsu emperor of Minkai. It has been passed down through generations of the family, serving as advisor and spiritual guide. It was actually Suishen’s idea to be sold to Fynn Snaevald in order to save the family line. Suishen can detect any scion of the Amatatsu family withinb60 feet, whether a natural-born descendant or a personbinvested with the right to rule as an Amatatsu (such as a creature marked by the Amatatsu Seal). Although Suishen isbneutral good, any Amatatsu scion, regardless of alignment, can wield the sword without gaining a negative level. This boon is at Suishen’s discretion, however, and should such a scion ever betray the family or prove unworthy as an heir, the sword can reinstate this penalty and cause a personality conflict. Even though Suishen can likely dominate anyone who tries to wield it, the sword usually acquiesces to the wishes of its wielder, provided she is a rightful Amatatsu scion—though after 50 years , Suishen is a bit rough as a conversationalist, communicating in a very gruff, no-nonsense manner. Suishen has a number of additional abilities as well, though it reveals these powers to its wielder only after she has shown herself honorable and worthy of bearing the family’s heirloom blade. Each time Suishen’s wielder is involved in a fight in which an oni of the Five Storms (such as Kimandatsu) is killed, the wielder is made aware of a new power . If a new person wields Suishen, that person must learn the sword’s additional powers all over again.

Current Owner: Ameiko



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