Journey to the East

Return to Kalsgard (25th November 4711)

25th November 4711

Between Ulf and Suishen, Rasha was getting a headache. They had found Ulf in a cell beyond Katmandatsu’s chamber, a tall gruff man, with shaggy blonde hair. His gear was nearby too, as well as a sizeable quantity of loot.

To say the man was touchy however, was a bit of an understatement. More than once Dinald and Ailukka had intervened to prevent arguments with Ungo, Eiravel, Lute or himself. He was feeling worn out. At least with a whole caravan there would be more people for Ulf to argue with, and so perhaps it wouldn’t be quite so wearing. He’d better make sure Ulf wasn’t on his wagon.

That damned sword too was so persistent. Single minded was an understatement.

“Ameiko. Take me to Ameiko. Now! Now! NOW!” the voice seemed to scream in his head.

“WE’RE NEARLY THERE GODDAMMIT!” shouted Rasha out loud, and then realised that everyone was staring straight towards him. He muttered something under his breath.



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